• Posted on : 19 Jan 23
  • India
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In the year 2014 being the sarpanch of Bibipur village, I had
passed the resolution to ban on  abusing  against women in the village
.This campaign was tremendously  successful and created positive
impact  since the incidents were  openly  discussed in our gram sabha
against those who had abused women in the village .
Subsequently , in 2016  when we adopted Bibipur Model of Women
Empowerment and Village Development In Taloda gaon, Jind  under the
Sabla campaign, it was decided that  strict action will be taken and
FIR would be lodged  against those who abuse women  .
With the above experience , in 2019, we fully understood the
psychology of abuse and found that we have to start it from the
smallest unit of the society, the home, so as  to create awareness in
the society. We observed the  reason for this is that if we are able
to discuss these things at home and remove these words from our daily
routine  life, then we can get rid of the habit of abusing anyone
openly on the  street and then an entire village can get rid of
abusing women or anyone  .

Therefore, the Sabla campaign was started with a campaign called Gali
Bannd Ghar.