About Initiator

Sunil Jaglan

"Selfie With Daughter Campaign" would definitely impart new dimensions to the empowerment of women since it is taking the desired shape steadily to meet the objectives as have been set up by the state and Union governments. We exhort the whole women community to join hands for the cleansing of all social evils that remain a barrier in the development of womenfolk to become the most important human resource and leading force for societies and nations.

Deepa Dhull

Director's Message

Sunil Jaglan

l, Sunil Jaglan, have been having priviledge of being one of the youngest elected village head (Sarpanch) of gram panchayat of village Bibipur in district Jind. How did idea of "Selfie With Daughter" came to my mind has a story behind it. When I was blessed with a daughter on January 24th, 2012. When a nurse working with the hospital conveyed me about the birth of the girl child, simply treating the news a felicitation I handed over Rs. 2000 asking her to distribute sweets among all the staff members of hospital. But the response came to me as an utter surprise and shock both when the nurse refused to accept the money saying that it is done only at the birth of a boy child. This incident shook me to the core of my heart. Following that I managed to collect the data of child sex ratio of myvillage which was found to be dismallylow.

Having been engrossed with the thought how to do for the empowerment and emancipation of rural women, I ,while watching a trailer of Salman Khan's film "Bajrangi Bhai Jaan", was impressed with the lines of a song- "Le Le Le Selfie Le" since my daughter Nandini had picked my phone only to take her selfie. An idea clicked in mind why not to take selfie with daughter to start a campaign for women empowerment! And the rest is an unending rigmarole of events revolving around the welfare, protection, education, empowerment of girl child with the state governments and the Union governments at the helm of the endeaver. I was very much inspired when I learned about the mention of my small effort by our worthy PM in "Mann Ki Baat", and also the great priviledge of having been in the company of not anybody else less than the His Highness the then President of India Sh. Parnab Mukherjee...the reason remained the same- "The Selfie With Daughter"

Sunil Jaglan

Founder Selfie With Daughter