About the Foundation

To provide special recognition to the girl child allowing her to grow to become an equally empowered human being in the society where there prevails rampant gender bias. We work to impart greater impetus to already laid government initiatives and campaigns for meeting the objective sensitisation of the society in general although particularly of the males towards the rights, equality, education, health, safety, participation and empowerment of girls and women. Additionally to the already existing initiatives, more quarters are imperative needed to be erected in the shape of NGOs, hence the Foundation, "Selfie with Daughter" comes into being.

Selfie with Daughter Foundation About Selfie with Daughter

Origin and a brief history of the organization

INDIA, with its oldest cultural roots, has also inherited some of the oldest social evils i.e. the preference for boy child. The patriarchal social structure is one of the major reasons for society's preference towards a male child, which leads to female foeticide "Selfie With Daughter" aims to fight this evil, by encouraging the parents to take a selfie with their daughters and post it on our website. The motive of this act is to make the parents feel proud, as the father and mother ofthe girl child. We hope to make this the best moment for the parents and encourage other members of the society for just and equitable society.

The story began in a small village of Haryana, named 'Bibipur, District Jind, by its sarpanch, Sunil Jaglan, taking inspiration from the movie song 0 Le Le Selfie" from the Bollywood movie "Bajrangi Bhaijaan". He, (Sunil) spread this campaign on Facebook and WhatsApp to create mass awareness. He also publicized it via word of mouth and held workshops and talks in schools, colleges and universities. He started this campaign on June 9, 2015 and because of the uniqueness of this concept he received 794 selfies in the very first 10 days.

SELFIE WITH DAUGHTER, got the national and international recognition when it was mentioned by our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, in the Radio Show, Mann Ki Baat, which is a monthly show addressed by PM himself.

SWDF Programme Priorities

  • Awareness in the society against abortion Of girl child/sex determination
  • Child right and advocacye
  • Educatoin of girl child
  • Awareness Programs related to government schemes launched for Women/Girlchild
  • Empowerment of women
  • Sensitization against the issue of domestic violence and dowry
  • Non Formal Education
  • Rural-based awareness programs for sustainable development
  • Livelihood promotion and alternative livelihood initiatives
  • Rural Sanitation
  • Networking and team management
  • Rural development awareness programme

SWDF Services Offered

  • Advocacy and training
  • Lado Pustkalya establishment
  • Team Lado
  • Monitoring and impact evaluation of CSR Projects/Activities
  • Program implementation and Project Management
  • Formation of women friendly village
  • Sarpanch guidance and counselling
  • Campaign designing for women empowerment

Selfie With Daughter PARTNERS